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Learn About the Probate Process in CA

For over 30 years, the Law Offices of Robert P. Wright has been helping clients protect their financial assets and property through effective estate planning. While it may be an uncomfortable topic, it is worthwhile to discuss what will happen to your property in the event of your death. In addition to providing for your family, you can also avoid your property getting stuck in lengthy probate proceedings. If you are ready to establish a will or trust, or you are interested in estate planning, our Ventura wills, trusts, and estate planning lawyer can help.

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The Benefits of Estate Planningcouple with estate lawyer

If you have specific wishes about where you'd like your money, property, and other assets to go after you are gone, it is crucial that you work with an estate planning lawyer to ensure that your wishes are fulfilled. If you pass away without a will, the state will decide where your property goes, and your wishes may not be fulfilled.

While a will is an excellent first step in securing your assets, the money associated with the will must still go through the court's probate process and be liable for heavy probate taxes before being distributed. However, through careful estate planning, there are ways to avoid the probate process.

An estate planning lawyer can help you protect your assets in many ways, including:

  • Establishing wills and special trusts
  • Uncovering all of your legal options
  • Helping you avoid estate taxes and probate fees
  • Helping you identify your assets that are not subject to probate

While many people associate estate planning with the wealthy, many families can benefit from working with a lawyer familiar with wills, trusts, and estate planning. This is especially beneficial to families with children or those who have a clear idea of where they’d like their money to go. Furthermore, estate planning can help you establish plans for if you (or a spouse) ever become incapacitated.

The Difference Between a Will & Trust

A will is a "testamentary" document that must meet certain requirements in order for it to become valid. Each will must be in writing, signed by the testator, and witnessed by two people. In California, if any will is notarized, it will become invalid.

A trust can be both oral and written, however be wary of making oral trusts as they can be easily misinterpreted. A written trust must be signed with no witnesses or notarization necessary. However, most trusts are notarized to help prove that the person signing was named the settlor of the trust.

Our Estate Planning Lawyer Is Here to Help

If you are ready to begin securing your estate for future generations but are unsure of how to proceed, the Law Offices of Robert P. Wright can help. Our Ventura wills, trusts, and estate attorney has the knowledge and experience required to handle your estate with care and consideration. When you work with us, your needs become our priority, and we will provide you with the personalized legal counsel you need.

Learn more about estate planning by calling our family law firm in Ventura at (805) 667-0156.

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